Inflatable Vests for big wave surfers.

Just like all leashes, vests too will fail. The danger of a vest giving a false sense of security is very real. All of the producers of these big wave inflation vest stress the crucial importance of gaining ocean safety knowledge, surfing ability, mental and physical training first, before buying a vest. It is just a back up to your training, only to be deployed when all else fails.

Quicksilver - Airlift One
Jeff Clark Big Wave Inflation Vest for big wave surfers..png

Patagonia - PSI vest

For 5 years, this vest was only available to elite big wave surfers.  It was the number one choice in big wave line-ups around the world, but hard to get.

Patagonia's Personal Surf Inflation vest can now be purchased if you've completed a Big Wave Risk Assessment course and have the certification to prove it, along with a legitimate track record in surfing big waves.

For all inquiries:

Price: $1250.

Quicksilver - Airlift One

The latest addition to the line of surf brands that develop big wave vests, Quicksilver is bringing a highly legitimate vest, in a super bright color.

The big difference with the Patagonia vest is that Quicksilver Airlift is worn OVER your wetsuit (just like Clark's vest)

To buy this vest, you'll need to show certification of completion of a Big Wave Risk Assessment Course. ($199 )

To make it more accessible, Quicksilver will deduct the price of the course from the cost of the vest.

You'll still have to go to the store yourself and show your proof.

Jeff Clark - Inflatable Big Wave Vest

This is the only expert build inflatable vest for big wave surfers that can be purchased by all (big wave) surfers, straight from the man who developed it: legendary Mavericks Pioneer, innovator and shaper Jeff Clark. 

Clark made it available to the surfing community because jetski rescue at Mavericks is limited by law to days when there is a "High Surf Alert," which is rare.

You can order it by contacting Jeff Clark's via his website.

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