How it works.

We reach out to elite big wave surfers to request permission to record their personal approach to big wave surfing, training, preparation, rescues, and gear. 

If you apply for a Profile on you become a member of our mission to collect, share and expand ocean survival knowledge across the globe. Because safety in big wave surfing is a very sensitive topic, we only build a Profile after meeting face to face, in person or by video chat.

As members, we might reach out to you from time to time for your input on a topic, before we publish new content and you can reach out to us to get something out that you feel it needs attention.


Profile Set Up Process

Step 1: You either request a Profile on this site, or we’ve reached out to you already.

Step 2: We’ll set up a skype call to meet “face to face” and discuss your Profile.

Step 3: Once approved, we’ll start working on your page.

Step 4: Once your Profile is set up we’ll send your password to log in. Only you can see it. We will never launch content without your consent. Ever.

Step 5: You either approve the Profile or request adjustments.

Step 6: After the adjustments are approved, we’ll launch your Profile. You share it on your channels, we share it on ours.

Step 7: From this moment on we work together in getting valuable, life-saving information out there.

If you learn something new, or you want to more people to know something in particular just contact us, and we’ll add it to your Profile. Vice versa, if we find something new, we might contact you for your input on the topic. Happy campers all the way.



  1. We’ll never share, sell, rent or abuse your personal information.

  2. We only publish your content with your consent. Your email and phone number will never be shared on the site unless you specifically request otherwise.

  3. You have full control over all the content we are publishing on your Profile and can request to delete it at any time.

For questions or assistance shoot us an email:



Our mission is to improve global line up safety by sharing expert knowledge from seasoned big wave surfers and make that easily available online. Basically, we aim to make safer line-ups by sharing know-how from the best in the world, to inspire the rest of us. We are guided by 4 simple core-values:

  1. Help others and share what you know.

  2. Don’t expose surf spots. Nobody wants the crowds to get bigger. Let’s aim to make them better. We don’t share spot info but do stimulate being more prepared before you paddle out. Wherever it may be.

  3. Only promote what works. We only promote products we believe are truly valuable for anyone looking for ways to prepare to push their limits, whatever those limits may be. We look for suggestions from top big wave surfers and try to test everything whenever we can.

How will this site make $?

Our articles are set up to provide helpful information about ocean knowledge, preparation, training, rescue, gear, and courses.

Sometimes we’ll suggest products that we believe are helpful to the topic, recommended by seasoned big wave surfers or provided to us for testing. If traffic coming from is sent to another site, and our visitors complete a purchase there, we’ll receive a kickback fee. (Known as affiliate marketing).

We take the same approach to advertising (only, high quality, helpful and relevant content for our users that support our mission).

Personal Profiles for seasoned big wave surfers that help collect practical ocean survival knowledge will always be free on

Same goes for non-profit big wave rescue courses.

For more details email:

Who is it for?

Big wave surfing as shown on TV, in magazines or online is a breathtaking, mesmerizing sport: showing incredible footage of tiny stick figures on monster waves. However, the group of people surfing those waves is small.

For many big wave surfers, it is not about who rides the biggest waves on the planet or wins which award this year. It’s a personal desire to go bigger, to find your own limits, balance the odds and pick off a few if you can. No pictures, no logo’s, just plain, pure, personal satisfaction.

Waves come in all sizes, and all can be deadly. Although we look for inspiration by watching the world’s best battle it out in the most extreme conditions, we share this information for anyone who wants to push their own limits safely, whatever those limits are or wherever they are paddling out to test them.

In short: exists for all surfers who are looking for ways to prepare to push their limits safely, whatever those limits may be. exists for seasoned big wave surfers who want to pass on their knowledge so that others can be safer. exists for the companies that want to honor their athletes and share the practical knowledge they’ve gathered over the years.