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A platform for big wave surfers to share ocean survival knowledge.


Improve line-up safety across the globe.


Create the largest online collection of big wave surfing knowledge in the world.


Building a free webpage for the world’s most seasoned big wave surfers to record their approach to safety, training, gear and rescue techniques.


Seasoned big wave surfers know the ocean like no-one else. They can inspire surfers of all levels to be more prepared and know what to do when things go wrong.


Spotlight Collection.

A monthly series to highlight a practical tip. Found online or in the line-up.

Photo: Jan Bijl
Thomas van Dijk en Juriaan Roos underwatertraining on Madeira by Jan Bijl.jpg

Surfer Profiles.

Offering a personal profile page for seasoned big wave surfers to record their unique approach to big wave surfing and pass it on. Every profile is centered around preparation, ocean survival, gear, and rescue techniques.


Why Size Doesn’t Matter.

People die in all conditions, not just big waves.

Although big wave surfers use specialized equipment unseen in regular line-ups, those are just backup tools. All big wave surfers point back to decades of training, experience, and hard-earned ocean knowledge as the foundation of their abilities.

The majority of this foundational knowledge is relevant for every surfer to know.

That’s why we ask the top big wave surfers in the world to pass down their ocean survival know-how to improve line-up safety globally.

Accidents happen in all waves, so at the end of the day, size really doesn’t matter.

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